The Clothing

Polo DeignThe GMW NETWORK activity wear clothing is used to identify members of our Network and to promote us at events and externally. The GMW NETWORK badge is the key part of the activity wear. 


Each individual unit has to have the badge on lime green clothing for their activity wear, however they can then add names and individual unit customisations to the clothing. The badge is used to identify that the unit is part of the wider GMW NETWORK.


The clothing comes in three formats:

  1.  T-shirt with embroided logo
  2. Polo with embroided logo
  3. Hoody with embroided logo and large print on the back
All the items can be embroided with your name on for an extra cost. If you would like more information or to order the clothing please contact us.

The Necker

Network Necker

The Stretford Network necker is worn by all our invested memebers to show they are part of our Network. The GMW NETWORK badge is to be worn on the apex on the back of the necker of our necker to show we are part of the wider GMW NETWORK.


You will receive a necker when you join and get invested however if you would like to purchase a replacement or additional neckers please contact us.


The Badges

Network Badge

To identify that you are part of Stretford Network, there are two badges for you to wear on your uniform:

  1. The Network Badge - This is worn by all members of in the Uk to identify that they are part of Network.
  2. Stretford Network Nametape - This is worn to identify that you are a member of Stretford Network.
You will receive both badges when you join and get invested however if you would like to purchase any replacement or additional badges please contact us.

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